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Panther chameleon care

Today I will be talking about possibly my favorite lizard species of all time…the panther chameleon. The panther chameleon is the first lizard I ever bred and a great lizard for expert keepers. Panther chameleons have become increasingly popular pets due to their wide range of beautiful colors.  Typically, chameleons are an observation only pet andContinue reading “Panther chameleon care”

My First poll

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Russian Tortoise Care

Russian tortoises are a small species of tortoise with a brownish to black shell that fades to a tan color closer to where the scutes connect to one another.  The amount of tan varies with individuals.  The plastron of the Russian tortoise is a brownish color with large dark brown to black blotches. Their thick,Continue reading “Russian Tortoise Care”

Egyptian Tortoise Care

The Egyptian tortoise is quite a remarkable animal, but it does have very specific instructions that go with it in order to take care of it properly. It’s important to make sure that you take care of the Egyptian tortoise properly or you will end up potentially hurting the animal. This means paying careful attention to allContinue reading “Egyptian Tortoise Care”

King Cobra care

King cobra is the world’s longest venomous snake. The skin color is either olive-green, tan, or black, and it has faint, pale yellow cross bands down the length of the body. The belly is cream or pale yellow, and the scales are smooth. Juveniles are shiny black with narrow yellow bands. The head of aContinue reading “King Cobra care”

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