Egyptian Tortoise Care

The Egyptian tortoise is quite a remarkable animal, but it does have very specific instructions that go with it in order to take care of it properly. It’s important to make sure that you take care of the Egyptian tortoise properly or you will end up potentially hurting the animal. This means paying careful attention to allContinue reading “Egyptian Tortoise Care”

African egg eating snake care

The African Egg Eating Snake is a member of the Dasypeltis genus of colubrid snakes. It is one of only two taxonomic groups of snakes known to have adapted to feed exclusively on eggs. They are non-venomous and found throughout the continent of Africa, primarily in forested habitats that are also home to numerous speciesContinue reading “African egg eating snake care”

An in depth introduction

I began my love of Reptiles and Amphibians as a kindergartner catching Bluebellies with my brother in Modesto, Ca. As a young child and frankly still today I was very addictive. When I would get interested in something I would research it none stop. Unlike most phases I went through including coding, baseball, and track,Continue reading “An in depth introduction”